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A B O U T   K A T Y

Katy Kelly is an accomplished vocalist and musician based in the heart of Hampshire, UK. With a voice described as 'enchanting', a professional and friendly personality and gift for creating magical moments, she has captivated audiences around the UK and beyond. Katy is available to book for weddings, concerts, parties and corporate events. 

An Early Introduction to Music

Born and raised in Hampshire, Katy's musical journey began at an early age, studying classical violin and piano throughout school. Playing in orchestral concerts and ensembles really helped develop her understanding of music, but it wasn't until her college years that she later discovered her passion and gift for singing. 

"Katy is always extremely professional and very talented. Her voice is beautiful and effortless."


An Exciting Professional Career 

Katy's dedication and natural talent soon led her to excel in various musical genres, leading to an exciting and enjoyable professional career performing at prestigious hotels, corporate events and on-board cruise ships before returning back to the UK to specialise in freelance wedding and event performances. The introduction of her harp brings a unique and ethereal element to her music, hearing your favourite songs sung and accompanied on the harp creates a magical and enchanting moment perfectly suited to weddings, dinner events and garden parties. 

What to Expect when Booking Katy 

Katy enjoys running her own business, and therefore manages all bookings and enquiries herself. She's very proud to offer a bespoke service, professionally communicating directly with you to get a clear understanding of your event and the atmosphere you're looking to create. All performances are fully flexible, and can be tailored to suit you. 

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